Books and Stories

The following lists are the titles of my novels and short stories. They are listed by the most recent first, to the oldest last. Click on the titles for links to where they are currently available for sale.

Most ebooks are available on Kindle, Nook, Apple Books, Kobo, Smashwords. Novels and short story collections are available as print books as well on Amazon or to order through your local bookstores when available, such as the Tattered Cover in Denver. I am a firm supporter of using your independent booksellers. You won’t find them on the bookshelves, but you can usually request that they be ordered.


Rowan O’Donnell Mystery Series

(available as ebooks everywhere or in print)

Ambient Light (number 3 in the series)

Depth of Field (number 2 in the series)

Sharp Focus (number 1 in the series)


Private Investigator Rye Gannon Mysteries

Mysteries, Magic, and the God of Secrets: Private Investigator Rye Gannon Mystery Collection (beginning of a new series)


Short Story Collections

(available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited or to buy as an ebook on Amazon or in print)

Crow Feather: Ghostly Tales and Perilous Adventures in the Rocky Mountains


Short Stories

Suns of the World

Atelier Dreams

The Sands of Time

Like Water on Chalk

The Memory Collector

Dance of the Animals

Le Tigre

Parking Lot Memory

Murder of Crows

When Mountains Shrug

The Gate

Crow Feather

The Ghosts of Silver Belle

The Sweetest Gift

I Buried It Alone

With Expression



My Grandmother’s Kitchen