My Gift to You

Update: This story has been removed from the page, but it is still available for purchase from the link below. Wishing everyone a happy New Year! I’ve written a Christmas short story in the Rowan O’Donnell Mystery series universe. It takes place after Ambient Light and before the new novel Exposure which comes out in…

Her West, a new collection of Short Stories

I have a new collection of short stories available to buy, just in time for Christmas! Her West is a collection of nine stories featuring contemporary women in the west who are facing various struggles and meeting them with grit, determination, and self-discovery. Three have never before been published. The collection also includes Mountain Trout,…

Art Capers

A new collection of short stories is out in ebook and paperback. This books has eleven short stories that all feature one of the arts: painting, music, sculpting, etc. The stories are also a mix of scary, mysterious, hopeful, criminal, and supernatural. All of these have been available for sale individually as ebooks as well….

Finalist Results

The story can be read for free here: Women Writing the West I will also be publishing the story as a stand-alone ebook and later this year as part of a collection if you are interested in supporting me by purchasing the story. Stay tuned.

I’m an Award Finalist!

I have some exciting news to share: My short story, “Mountain Trout”, is one of three finalists for the 2021 Women Writing the West LAURA Short Fiction Award. All three finalists receive a monetary prize and will be published on the WWW website on The LAURA Journal page in October. First, second, and third placements…