Arts Festival!

Get ready for some art in February. I’ll be sharing and selling some of my photographs at the 49th Annual Parkview Fine Arts Festival next month along with some other fabulous artists. The Festival also celebrates Writers and Music, so it will be a fun time.

A Summer Trip

For a family reunion, I spent some time in Truchas, New Mexico this July. I thought I would share some of my pictures from Truchas and from Bandelier National Monument nearby. Wall Art in Truchas. Apricots ripening on the tree. At Bandelier National Monument. Rockwall art and a little friend. In the garden at the…

Earthly Beauty

The Central Park Artists Pop Up Show last week was a great time meeting people in the community and enjoying the company of my fellow artists. I realized as I was setting up the show that I have not posted some of my new photography work here on this blog. I’m rectifying that today and…

Eastern Colorado

These are from a road trip out on the plains last year, almost as far as the Nebraska border. Here’s a taste of the grassy plains and small town life.