Looking for some quick reads?

Here are a few brand new short stories available as ebooks on Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Apple Books, Smashwords, etc. Click the cover for links to Amazon, or search by my name or titles on your favorite reading platform.

In the dusty hot parking lot of a local tavern, the trajectory of a woman’s life hangs in the balance after a short sharp memory from her childhood.

An artist lost to time in the jungles of India, a missing security guard, and a damaged painting. Le Tigre is a short story about a painting come to life, in a most horrible way.

Two young women survive a flash flood. During their adventure they find a hidden cave full of drawings of animals and symbols done by ancient people.

The art of making perfumes has long fascinated writers and the public. Just the very act of smelling another person can be intimate and profound. 

Scientists have long said that our sense of smell can trigger intense memories long after the scent is first encountered. It is a primal force that can trigger fear, desire, longing, hunger, or even a sense of safety. Being able to manipulate this force has long been the goal of perfume makers.

In this story, the perfume maker has another motive for his work in addition to creating a unique perfume for his select customers. Sit back and enjoy this unnerving tale; an exploration of scent and memory.


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