A New Mystery Novel

Here’s my latest Rowan O’Donnell mystery short novel. The third in the series after Sharp Focus and Depth of Field. It will be soon available as an ebook at all ebook retailers and is available now in Amazon as an ebook and in print.


Rowan O’Donnell is a professional photographer who can’t turn away from a mystery if her friends or family are in peril – even if it means her own life becomes endangered.

In Ambient Light, she has temporarily taken on a teaching position at a local Denver college. She is enjoying the challenge, until one of her students disappears, and the kidnapper sends out emails with pictures and video of the victim.

Suddenly, her hands are full, with a missing person, a classroom full of students, a nasty co-worker, testimony in a terrorism trial, a possible new love interest, …and murder.

Is Rowan’s missing student still alive? And what new dangers will her involvement bring? Join Rowan as she tries to find her missing student before it’s too late.


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