Some New/Some Old

Hello, dear friends and readers. This is to let you know that I have some new short stories available for sale as ebooks. Two have been seen before, two have never before been published. See below for covers and the universal links by clicking on the titles.

I hope you enjoy them and thanks for your support!

Concert in the Park is a new story about a city neighborhood’s response to a (possible) civilization-ending event.
Spirit of the Winter Woods is a short story that was first published on Mystery Tribune’s website fiction page on Nov. 16, 2022. It’s a mystery featuring a tracker who is asked to find the murderer of a grisly crime in the woods.
Last Day in Seville has never before been published. While this is a dark tale, it is also reminiscent of my travels in Seville, Spain many years ago. I love this city with all of it’s history and the fragrant blossoms of the lovely bitter-orange trees.
The Cold Moon was previously published on this website as my Christmas gift to you. If you missed it, or would like to own it for future use, it is available now for sale.

Wishing my Irish readers a Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and a lovely weekend for everyone.


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