Happy Beltane!

Wishing beautiful May flowers for those of you in the Northern hemisphere. This is also my birthday month, so one of my favorites.

We have actually had a bit of spring here in Denver. Usually we go right from snow to 80 degree days. This spring we’ve had some rainy days and the trees are blooming with no freezing temperatures on the horizon (fingers crossed). I’ve been enjoying tulips in the neighborhood, our lilac bush is about to burst into bloom, and my snap peas that I planted last month have come up along with radish, lettuce and the garlic and onions planted last fall. It’s all wonderful.

I hope you are also enjoying a beautiful spring. My sympathies if you’re not.

My short story When Mountains Shrug is no longer available on this page for free. It is available here for sale as an individual ebook. And you can find it as part of the collection Her West, or the collection Crow Feather.

It will soon be time to venture up into the mountains – but do remember to be careful of the loosening of the rocks from snowmelt when you’re on the slopes.


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  1. Sarietha Ormsby says:

    Hi Heather!

    Another one of your stories that I enjoyed very much today. I purchased it a while back, but I forgot it in my Kindle library. You sending the story by email was just the prompt I needed to get it read.

    I especially enjoyed the dreams Veronica had while stuck on the mountain overnight and how they prompted her to go back to school after she recovered from the fall. Your talent at telling a story within a story worked beautifully. Great job!

    Thanks for sharing & hope this lovely spring weather brings you a bountiful garden thiscyear!

    Love you lots, Sarietha

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