Visiting Vermont

Vermont is called the Green Mountain State. While, to this Colorado native, the Vermont mountains looks more like hills, it is most definitely green. We stayed at the Mountain Meadow Lodge in Killington, VT.

Floral Closeups

Here are two of my favorite photographs from my most recent visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens. One is a closeup of a magnolia bud and the second is from the hothouse and is a closeup of a calla lily. I love that color!

Spring Blossoms

More snow is predicted for this weekend. But, in the meantime, the flowers are starting their splendid, spring show.

Sharp Focus

Sharp Focus is the first in a series of mysteries featuring Rowan O’Donnell, a professional photography who lives and sleuths in Denver, Colorado. The image of panhandlers is a common sight in many cities, but one that Rowan has avoided looking at any closer. Her brother’s special request leads professional photographer, Rowan O’Donnell, to begin…